ibuypacific enables family members living in Australia, New Zealand and the USA to purchase goods and services online and have them delivered to loved ones living in the islands. Goods could be as simple as a box of chocolates for a loved ones birthday or a truck load of building materials for building a family home.

You are in complete control over how much YOU spend and exactly what YOUR money is is being used for to help your family, and its less costly than sending money via remittance.

Using the service is as simple as

1. You select the items or services you want to purchase for your family.

2. You pay via credit card.

3. You choose for your items to be delivered or picked up.


ibuypacific also provides a variety of other services

  • 1) Unlimited (or free?) family chat with loved ones
  • 2) Online payment of Utilities such as power & water
  • 3) Remittance - bank beating rates everyday
  • 4) Mobile phone top up